Comanche Trail Pipeline Project

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Public Documents

We are committed to maintaining an open dialogue and providing accurate information on the merits of the project. Below are handouts that we use at open houses and other meetings.

Our Commitment

We are committed to addressing questions from the community, landowners and other interested stakeholders about our natural gas pipeline project, proposed route, landowner communications, safety and environmental protections. In local meetings, open houses, news announcements and in other correspondence, it is our intent to live up to our promises to landowners and the community with openness, honesty and responsiveness to questions and concerns before, during and after construction and throughout operations.

The following is the Comanche Trail Pipeline Project’s promise to the community:

  • Safety and reliability are top priorities for Energy Transfer Partners and the Comanche Trail Pipeline Project. We pledge to the communities we cross and the customers we serve that we will operate the pipeline with the utmost level of integrity and safety at all times.
  • Environmental protections and minimizing and mitigating impacts to land properties are critically important to us. We are committed to reclaiming any impacts to environmental resources and restoring land to its previous form except as the property may be permanently modified (e.g. by the removal of trees) by construction.
  • All members of the Comanche Trail Pipeline Project team are committed to protecting sensitive areas and the environment.  This commitment extends through all aspects of the project.  Our team will work with all agencies to fully comply with all laws and regulations designed to protect sensitive areas.  Beyond that, we have our own standards and procedures that help ensure Comanche Trail Pipeline professionals do their utmost to demonstrate care and respect for the possible effect of our activities on sensitive areas.
  • The Comanche Trail Pipeline team will select a route that avoids sensitive areas wherever possible.  This route will be based on detailed professional surveys and studies.  We are very careful during construction, choosing only qualified and experienced professional pipeline builders and training and supervising them closely.  By doing this, we can minimize the impact of construction activities.  After construction, the Comanche Trail Pipeline team ensures that the site is thoroughly cleaned up and restored.

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